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Persian Yoga Fundamentals Workshop & Teacher Certification
Persian Yoga Fundamentals Workshop & Teacher Certification

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The fundamentals workshop will teach you numerous exercises and variations with the Meel™ and Shena™ together with complete regressions and progressions.

You will also learn dynamic flexibility exercises and gymnastic based cardiovascular (aerobic) and agility conditioning exercises as used in Persian Yoga™.

The goal is to prepare the athlete for learning fundamentals and progressions, with the Meel™ and Shena™, by establishing a solid foundation and understanding of the use of these tools and how they can be applied in the use of Persian Yoga™ and beyond.

The Fundamentals workshop (Level 1) will introduce you to Persian Yoga™ (Pahlavani) and teach you the fundamental principles and concepts of Circular Strength Training (CST) and integrated dynamic movement under load.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Principals of Persian Yoga™ I
  • Fundamental techniques and progressions/regressions with the Shena™.
  • Level 1 Asanas with the Shena™
  • Fundamental techniques and progressions/regressions with the Meel™
  • Level 1 exercises and variations with the Meel™
  • Level 1 Narmesh - dynamic flexibility exercises
  • Level 1 Pa Zadan - cardio aerobic exercises
  • The correct way to perform each exrcise and variation, including how to cue and correct others
  • The purpose and function of each exercise, along with the bio-mechanical processes involved
  • Safety aspects and injury prevention considerations
  • How to introduce beginners to the Persian Yoga
  • How to assess clients’ readiness for Persian Yoga, and regress and progress the movements as needed
  • How to design, format and introduce individual and group exercise programs and classes - Pre-packaged exercise programs and routines with clear progressions suitable for all your clients
  • Certificate of competency to teach - Issued to all who complete the workshop assessment component
  • Become affilliated to Persian Yoga
  • Gain access to special affiliates only discounts on our inventory

Program - 2 days Ca. 8 hours each session

  • Introduction to Persian Yoga & Circular Strength Training
  • Fundamentals of Meel - Mace Clubs with progressions and regressions
  • Fundamentals of Shena - Pushup board with progressions and regressions
  • Introduction to Sang (Shields)
  • Group exercise session - Ca. 45 min (followed by 15 min break)
  • Revision of Meel & Shena
  • Variations with Meel - 12 exercises & variations
  • Variations with Shena - 15 exercises & variations
  • Fundamentals of Narmesh - Dynamic Flexibility conditioning in Persian Yoga
  • Fundamentals of Pa Zadan - Cardio Aerobic conditioning in Persian Yoga
  • Revision of safety, fundamentals and key concepts

Pahlavani is a systematic, fluid and incredibly demanding, yet simple and approachable practice.

You will learn the fundamental concepts, techniques and exercises of CST as used in Persian Yoga™ and the use of the Meel™ (Persian Mace Clubs) and Shena™ (Push-up board) in Persian Yoga™ and beyond.

Persian Yoga is equally suitable, and adaptable, for beginners, avid physical culturists and aging athletes alike.

Whether your goal is to improve your health & wellbeing or expand your skills as a fitness professional Persian Yoga will forever transform your approach to strength!

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